The Best Solar Panels Available In Zimbabwe with Sona Solar Zimbabwe

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There are various Solar Panels available in Zimbabwe and the average solar consumer can have a difficult time choosing from the various Solar Panels. 

At Sona Solar Zimbabwe, we have taken our time at looking various outlets and the variety of Solar panels they have to offer. Solar Panels take advantage of one of nature’s most powerful yet free resources: the energy produced by the sun. Solar panels, also known as photovoltaic systems (PV systems), use semiconductor technology to convert energy from sunlight into electricity that can power your household.

But, are they the right solution for your home?

The growing popularity of solar panels means that the prices have gone down by 60% over the past decade. The prices of solar panels have steadily decreased over the last years, as new technologies have been discovered to make solar energy components more cost-efficient.

If you are interested in purchasing solar panels in Zimbabwe, and you would like to compare different installers, then Sona Solar Zimbabwe is here to help.

So How Do You Differentiate Panel Manufacturers?

Bloomberg NEF developed a tiering system for PV Module makers based on bankability to create a transparent differentiation between the hundreds of solar panel manufacturers on the market. 
The Best Solar Panels Available In Zimbabwe with Sona Solar Zimbabwe
The Best Solar Panels Available In Zimbabwe with Sona Solar Zimbabwe
The important distinction though is this listing rank of manufacturers, not the panels themselves, although it is a good indicator of quality and reliability.

So How Do I Choose A Panel?

Solar Panel efficiency is a good starting point as this is the measure of irradiation (sunlight ) which falls on the surface of a panel and is converted into electricity. It is determined by 2 main factors the PV Cell efficiency and the total panel efficiency, based on cell layout, and configuration.

Cell efficiency is determined by the cell structure and base silicon material used which is generally either N type or P type. CE is calculated by the fill factor which is the maximum conversion efficiency of a PV Cell at the optimum voltage and current.

Panel Efficiency is measured under STC standard test conditions based on a cell temperature of 25deg, solar irradiance of 1000w/m2, and air mass of 1.5, and is given by max power rating (W) at STC divided by the total panel area in meters. 

Overall panel Efficiency is influenced by these factors: temperature, irradiance level, cell type, and interconnection of the cells.

Why Efficiency Matters?

  • Faster payback, as panel efficiency, increased the payback period has reduced.
  • Efficiency does play a huge part in the amount of BOS used.
  • The area required to mount the solar panels also decreases the more efficient the panels

Panel Efficiency is a good starting point the most efficient Solar Panel Manufacturers are premium solar manufacturers which are generally:
  1. SunPower,
  2. LG,
  3. Panasonic,
  4. QCells,
  5. REC,
  6. Solaria

However, these are very expensive and are rarely available in Zimbabwe.
The Best Solar Panels Available In Zimbabwe with Sona Solar Zimbabwe
The Best Solar Panels Available In Zimbabwe with Sona Solar Zimbabwe

Value Solar Manufacturers and their products are more available locally and most of these manufacturers are rated Tier 1 manufacturers.
  1. Jinko.
  2. Trina Solar.
  3. Canadian Solar.
  4. Longi Solar.
  5. JA Solar.
  6. Risen Solar.
  7. Afro Energy.
  8. Solarcom.
  9. BYD.

Are your best bet for reliable, service and warranty support. For purchasing decisions, a lot of information on the manufacturer and the particular panel has to be researched but to get the best from your buck shop wisely.

We Are Sona Solar Zimbabwe.

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Choosing The Best Solar Company in Zimbabwe:

Choosing a solar panel installation company can be time-consuming. It is easy to be overwhelmed when comparing the reputation, price, warranty, and panel options of different solar providers.

Sona Solar Zimbabwe
stands out as one of the most reputable companies in Zimbabwe.
Sona Solar Zimbabwe offers reliable systems with a 25-year warranty, 10-year workmanship warranty, and two-year production guarantee.

Sona Solar Zimbabwe prides itself on offering original solar products and accessories. Sona Solar Zimbabwe also maintains partnerships with reputable brands around the world.

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