Solar Systems in Zimbabwe - Check These Ten (10) People Who Need Sona Solar Zimbabwe

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Finding viable solutions to the problem of unstable supply of electricity in Zimbabwe has been a very difficult quest for homes and businesses. 

Since its inception, Sona Solar Zimbabwe has focused on providing Renewable Energy Solutions obtained from solar energy facilitated through efficient Solar Panels, Solar Inverters, and Energy Storage Systems.
Solar Systems in Zimbabwe - Check These Ten (10) People Who Need Sona Solar Zimbabwe
Solar Systems in Zimbabwe - Check These Ten (10) People Who Need Sona Solar Zimbabwe
If you are unsure about the specific consumer groups that can enjoy the numerous benefits of these renewable solar solutions, we have outlined below ten (10) groups of users that have been utilizing the Sona Solar Zimbabwe solutions to meet and resolve their energy needs:

  1. Small and Mid-size Enterprises (SMEs): SMEs play an important role in the economy, employing vast numbers of people, driving productivity, and helping to shape innovation. In the technology-driven world we live in today, the business operations and performance of these SMEs often depend on the stability of power to promptly complete critical tasks and deliver smooth services. This is why our standard solar systems have remained the most viable solution for SMEs that require an affordable and uninterrupted power supply.
  2. Commercial Businesses and Enterprise: Businesses are often saddled with the challenge of providing stable electricity in the needed proportion to ensure that their supply chain, production line, and business operations perform optimally across the board to deliver the expected results. In a country where the grid can not be relied on for a stable power supply, businesses are often forced to invest heavily in expensive alternatives and lose productive time to the limited power supply.
  3. Retail Outlets: Consumers everywhere depend heavily on different forms of retail outlets to get their essential and luxury needs regularly. The complicated assignment of providing the shops or stores with constant power to appropriately preserve the products and enhance the experiences of visiting customers often falls squarely on the management of the retail outlets.
  4. Restaurants and Hotels: There are always high expectations for businesses in the hospitality sector to deliver their promised services with a high degree of comfort and convenience. These expectations mean that continuous power supply is critical to the performance and survival of hospitality businesses, and since the power from the national grid remains unstable, the common trend in the industry has been a total reliance on workable alternatives.
  5. Residential Homes: Appliances in our homes are often required to create our desired safe and comfortable space but they normally can’t function without a stable and adequate power source.
  6. Hospitals & Clinics: Important medical facilities play very critical roles in improving the health and life value of any given community. Any moment spent without power in hospitals or clinics can create life-threatening situations for patients.
  7. Schools & Learning Centers: Educational institutions are the bedrock of social and economical development in our society. As the home of learning, our schools and learning centers need consistent electricity to power digital learning tools as well as to maintain a conducive learning environment for the teachers and students. Sona Solar Zimbabwe are a reliable and clean source of power that eliminates the usual toxic fumes, noise pollution, and high running costs that come with diesel generators. Affordable 24/7 power supply can be assured with Sona Solar Zimbabwe so students and teachers enjoy learning moments all day with an uninterrupted power supply.
  8. Agencies: Government and private agencies need a stable power supply to deliver on sensitive national and international assignments. The effect of incessant power failure on the functions of these agencies can have negative consequences on the nation’s economy and relative stability. This is why Sona Solar Zimbabwe often recommends high-quality solar systems with capacities ranging from 15kVA to 30kVA that can provide reliable energy for government parastatals and non-government agencies to guarantee smooth running for their day-to-day activities.
  9. Freelance & Remote Workers: As someone working from home, your working space can quickly become unbearable without stable electricity to power your workstation and support devices. This is why many remote workers often invest in clean and reliable power solutions from Sona Solar Zimbabwe to provide them with an uninterrupted power supply. Our standard solar solutions ranging between 5kVA to 15kVA are specially designed to deliver reliable 24/7 electricity that meets the basic needs of households such as yours, and we provide you with two acquisition models which are the lease-to-own and outright purchase.
  10. You thought we left you out? Of course not! Whether you live alone or with family, or you are a public figure with a lot of daily physical and virtual engagement, you have to maintain a great home that is both safe and highly comfortable for yourself, your family, and guests. So whoever you are, you need the appropriate capacity of Sona Solar Zimbabwe to serve you with a constant power supply. Homes and guest houses with varying energy needs have been taking advantage of the FREE Energy Consultation offered by our experts to assist them with carrying out an energy audit and identifying the right solar capacity for their needs.
Sona Solar Zimbabwe offers customers flexible payment options that align with their financial strategy, a five (5) years warranty on all our solar solutions, free maintenance for the first 12 months, remote monitoring online platform, and a system operational life of over 10 years. 
Check These Ten (10) People Who Need Sona Solar Zimbabwe
Check These Ten (10) People Who Need Sona Solar Zimbabwe
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