Solar Systems in Zimbabwe - Roof-Mounted vs Ground-Mounted Solar Panels in Zimbabwe

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When installing Solar Panels in Zimbabwe, you will need to choose a mounting location. You can typically mount them on either the roof or the ground. 

Roof-mounted and ground-mounted solar panels consist of the same photovoltaic (PV) cells that convert sunlight into electricity; they are simply mounted in different areas. Because they are mounted in different areas, though, they often perform differently.

Overview of Roof-Mounted Solar Panels

Roof-mounted solar panels are the most common. They often receive more direct sunlight than their ground-mounted counterparts. Roof-mounted solar panels aren’t obstructed by trees or other structures, resulting in a high level of efficiency.

Roof-mounted solar panels typically cost less to install than ground-mounted solar panels. They use simple brackets that can be installed directly into the top of an existing roof. Ground-mounted solar panels use a more complex system that’s driven directly into the ground. The ground, of course, must be able to support the full weight of the solar panels.
Solar Systems in Zimbabwe - Roof-Mounted vs Ground-Mounted Solar Panels in Zimbabwe
Solar Systems in Zimbabwe - Roof-Mounted vs Ground-Mounted Solar Panels in Zimbabwe
Another benefit of roof-mounted solar panels is space conservation. They conserve space by leveraging the existing roof of a house or building. Ground-mounted solar panels, on the other hand, will consume space on the ground.

Overview of Ground-Mounted Solar Panels

Ground-mounted solar panels are easy to access. When mounted on the ground, you won’t have to scale or otherwise climb a roof to clean the solar panels. You can clean ground-mounted solar panels by walking outside to the area where they are installed.

Because they are easy to access, adjusting ground-mounted solar panels is a breeze. Solar panels will often require adjusting. You may need to tweak the direction of a solar panel installation so that they receive the maximum amount of sunlight. Ground-mounted solar panels are easy to clean and easy to adjust because of their ground-based placement.
Roof-Mounted vs Ground-Mounted Solar Panels in Zimbabwe
Roof-Mounted vs Ground-Mounted Solar Panels in Zimbabwe
Ground-mounted solar panels aren’t dependent on roofing specifications. With roof-mounted solar panels, you’ll have to consider the size and shape of your roof. You won’t be able to install solar panels that are bigger than your roof. Ground-mounted solar panels, of course, don’t require a roof, so they aren’t dependent on roofing specifications.

Which Type of Mounting Should You Choose?

You can use either roof-mounted or ground-mounted solar panels. Roof-mounted solar panels are usually more efficient, cost less to install and conserve space. Ground-mounted solar panels, conversely, are easier to clean and adjust and aren’t dependent on roofing specifications.

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