Can You Use Solar Panels With Metal Roof Sheets In Zimbabwe?

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With Solar Panels becoming more affordable each year in Zimbabwe, more and more people are committing to creating more eco-friendly buildings by installing solar panels. 

However, although Solar Panels can be installed onto any roof, they are uncommon to find on metal roofing. This is due to the misconception that metal roofing is incompatible with the standard Solar Panel Mounting Systems.

Whether it Is in a Domestic or Commercial setting, adding Solar Panels to your metal roof can help to create an eco-friendly property. Solar Panels can be mounted onto corrugated steel roofing sheets just as adequately as any other type of roofing. 
Can You Use Solar Panels With Metal Roof Sheets In Zimbabwe?
Can You Use Solar Panels With Metal Roof Sheets In Zimbabwe?
However, unlike different types of Roofing, Metal Roofing combined with Solar Panels can produce significant benefits for the building below.

Solar Panels are Easy to Mount:

Whenever you want to make any additions or alterations to your roof, you want it to be as straightforward as possible, and the same is true when installing solar panels. Fortunately, adding solar panels to a standing seam metal roof couldn’t be easier.

Standing seam metal roofing is the name for a concealed fastener roofing system. The fasteners on these panels are hidden to create a more pleasing aesthetic. Using a mounting system that simply clamps to the seams in the roof means that solar panel installation is quick and easy and will not damage your steel roofing sheets.

Standing seam roofs are also ideal for hosting thin-film panels which are more aesthetic and produce lower emissions than conventional solar panels. If you have Qtile Steel Roofing Sheets on your building’s roof, the installer will simply need to swap out roof sections and insert sections with the solar-panel mountings built-in.

Will Metal Roofing Conduct Electricity?

The misconception about metal roofing sheets is that due to their material, any rogue electrical strike from either lightning or a damaged solar panel will connect with the roofing, damaging the building below. This is incorrect. There is no evidence to support that metal roofs attract lightning strikes, and a professionally installed solar panel will be a wholly encased unit, preventing electrical energy from coming into contact with the roof.

Metal Roofing Will Outlast your Solar Panels

Your metal roof is more durable than any other conventional roofing material, and that has clear benefits when it comes to installing solar panels. When you invest in our corrugated steel roofing sheets, you choose a long-lasting, sustainable roofing material that is highly resistant to the harshest weather. 
Can You Use Solar Panels With Metal Roof Sheets In Zimbabwe?
Can You Use Solar Panels With Metal Roof Sheets In Zimbabwe?
The metal roofing we supplied by Vakisa Builders Express is not simply suitable for mounting solar panels, but it also lasts much longer than conventional roofing materials.

Average roofing materials only last roughly 15-23 years before they need significant repair work, which does not consider any potential weather damage. The Qtile Roofing Sheets will last an impressive 60 years or more whilst maintaining a high weather and impact resistance.

With each solar panel lasting up to 30 years, you need a roof that won’t need repairs before then, resulting in the additional costs of dismounting and remounting solar panels. Metal roofing will outlast the life of your solar panels, reducing cost and hassle.

Solar Panels Maximise Cooling Benefits

Another of the outstanding benefits of a metal roof is that once coated in reflective paint, it can keep your property cool in summer and thus reduce energy bills if you rely on air conditioning. Install solar panels, and you’ll further shade the roof’s surface for superior cooling.

The Perfect Eco-Friendly Mix

Vakisa Builders Express, we prides on providing metal roofing that is not only highly durable but also positive to the environment.

All roofing comes from recycled sources. As much as 40% of the materials used are recycled, significantly lowering the impact on the environment than manufacturing new roofing sheets.

The high-quality roofing sheets’ inherent durability and longevity can create a greater level of insulation for your building. 

However, tiled roofs will often need repairs or replacing over time, so any insulation fitted must be easily removed to allow access; this is not the case with metal roofing sheets. Additionally, you can afford to invest in far more efficient insulation. Effective insulation and weather-resistant metal roofing combined will significantly improve your building’s energy efficiency.

This energy efficiency is further improved once you have installed your solar panels. You will be able to benefit from creating the perfect eco-friendly mix by mixing solar panels and our superior recyclable roofing sheets.

Metal Roofing For Solar Panels From Bushbury Cladding

Vakisa Builders Express, values the importance of providing the highest quality roofing sheets for our customers. We aim to give you the peace of mind that when your solar panels are professionally installed on your new metal roofing sheets, you can enjoy your new eco-friendly status for decades to come.

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