Must 5kVA and Must 48 Volts Solar System For The Zimbabwean Home Review!

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Introducing the remarkable 5kVA Solar System by Sona Solar Zimbabwe, the Signature 5kVA Sona Solar System is a game-changer in the solar industry. 

Priced at just $2800USD, this premium package encompasses everything you need for a reliable and efficient solar solution. The heart of this system is the 5kVA Must Hybrid MPPT Inverter, coupled with the 48Volts Must Lithium Battery and six Jinko 410Watts Solar Modules. With a robust 5KW (5000W) performance, this system is capable of powering multiple appliances such as boreholes, fridges, gates, electric fences, and kitchen appliances. 

The inclusion of a comprehensive protection kit, mounting kit, and professional installation ensures a hassle-free experience. Furthermore, the system is customizable for off-grid use, making it an ideal choice for those looking to disconnect from the grid. 

Must 5kVA and Must 48 Volts Solar System For The Zimbabwean Home Review!
Must 5kVA and Must 48 Volts Solar System For The Zimbabwean Home Review!

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Must 5kVA and Must 48 Volts Solar System For The Zimbabwean Home Review:

In recent years, the use of Solar Power as an alternative source of electricity has gained significant popularity with the collapse of ZESA’s unstable electricity grid. If you are considering installing a solar power system, you are probably wondering what size system you need and what equipment is necessary. We review the Must 5kVA Inverter Solar System setup and examine its components, benefits, and potential drawbacks. You might be surprised by the outcome.

What Exactly is a 5kVA Solar System?

A 5kVA or 5000Watts Solar System setup is a popular option for Homeowners who are looking to reduce their reliance on grid power and take advantage of the benefits of solar energy.

This specific solar setup that we have tested consists of a Solar Inverter, which is the heart of the system, and other components such as solar panels, a battery bank, and a charge controller, all bought from Off Grid Power Solutions.

The Must 5kVA Inverter is responsible for converting the DC power generated by the solar panels into AC power that can be used by your household appliances. 
Must 5kVA and Must 48 Volts Solar System For The Zimbabwean Home Review!
Must 5kVA and Must 48 Volts Solar System For The Zimbabwean Home Review!
The capacity of a 5kVA Solar Inverter is 5000Watts, which means that it can supply up to 5000Watts of power to your home at any given time. This is enough to power most of the essential appliances in a typical Household, such as Lights, Fans, Televisions, Refrigerators etc.

Components Used in Our 5kVA Solar System will Include:

  1. Jinko 410Watts Solar Modules (6)
  2. 5kVA Must Hybrid MPPT Inverter (1)
  3. 48Volts Must Lithium Battery (1)
  4. Protection Kit (AVS, Battery Breaker, Surge Protector etc.)
  5. Mounting Kit (Rails, Anti-theft, Bolts and Nuts)

The total cost for the components used in our Must 5kVA Inverter Solar System setup excluding installation totalled an average of USD$2000.00, and we are happy to say that we are 80% off the grid and rarely make use of ZESA power to charge our batteries. 

We will elaborate on this later on in this post.

Advantages of our Must 5kVA Inverter Solar System:

Must 5kVA Inverter Solar System setup is an attractive option for homeowners who want to take advantage of solar energy and reduce their reliance on grid power. The setup includes a solar inverter, solar panels, a battery bank, and a charge controller that work together to generate and distribute clean energy.

One of the main benefits of a Must 5kVA Inverter Solar System setup is its reduced startup cost. Additionally, a Must 5kVA Inverter Solar System setup can produce enough energy to support a small to medium-sized household with 3-4 occupants, and it provides grid independence by reducing the reliance on Eskom.

Furthermore, a Must 5kVA Inverter Solar System setup can provide long-term cost savings by reducing or even eliminating monthly electricity bills through energy savings. And, if the system generates more energy than needed, it is possible to sell excess power back to the grid, potentially earning money over time.

In summary, a Must 5kVA Inverter Solar System setup offers several benefits, including reduced startup cost, the ability to support a household of a certain size, grid independence, and long-term cost savings.

With the growing popularity of solar energy and advancements in technology, a Must 5kVA Inverter Solar System setup is a viable option for homeowners who want to take advantage of the benefits of solar energy and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Take Note: During the day you will most likely be running 100% off of the energy generated from your solar panels if the sun is shining, meaning that you will most likely not use any/minimal battery power during the day to power appliances in your home.

Some Disadvantages Faced with our 5kVA Solar System:

While the cost of a Must 5kVA Inverter Solar System setup has decreased in recent years, the upfront cost of installation can still be significant. Homeowners may need to make a large initial investment, which may not be feasible for everyone.

Must 5kVA Inverter Solar System setup relies on sunlight to generate energy, which means that its output can be limited during cloudy days, low light conditions, or at night. This means that homeowners may need to rely on grid power during these times, which reduces the potential cost savings.

You are also capable of adding additional batteries to supply your home with electricity during these times but this will significantly increase the price of your setup.

Must 5kVA Inverter Solar System setup requires a significant amount of space to accommodate the solar panels, inverter, and battery bank or multiple batteries. Homeowners with limited roof space or outdoor areas may not be able to install a large enough system to meet their energy needs.

While solar systems require minimal maintenance, they still require regular cleaning and occasional repairs. Homeowners may need to hire a professional to perform these tasks, which can add to the overall cost of the system.

The Battery Bank, which stores energy generated by solar panels, has a limited lifespan and will need to be replaced eventually. This can add to the long-term cost of the system. Luckily the Must Wall Mount and Rack Mount Lithium Batteries come with a DoD of 4000 cycles at 80%.

In conclusion, while a Must 5kVA Inverter Solar System setup offers several benefits, it also has some potential disadvantages that homeowners should consider before making an investment.

The high upfront cost, limited output during low sunlight conditions, space requirements, maintenance requirements, and limited lifespan of the battery bank are some of the potential challenges that homeowners may face when installing a solar system.

What Would We Do differently with our Must 5kVA Inverter Solar System Setup?

In order to achieve greater energy independence, we would recommend adding one or two additional batteries to the Must 5kVA Inverter Solar System setup, which could allow for a 99% reduction in reliance on ZESA’s electricity supply and enable the household to almost completely operate off the grid.

We will also recommend adding a couple more Solar Panels so we can charge all of our Batteries more efficiently and make use of the additional power during the day to power our power-hungry appliances like the dishwasher & tumble-drier instead of using some of the energy stored in the batteries.

I Do Not Want to Be Completely Off-grid:

If your primary objective is to have a power backup solely during the 2-6 hour load-shedding periods, the current setup we offer will be ideal for powering your home during these outages.

While it’s possible to operate a backup power system without installing solar panels, it’s important to keep in mind that the batteries will need to be charged to ensure an uninterrupted power supply.

In most cases, the batteries may not be fully charged before the next load-shedding schedule, which could potentially impact the length of time your backup system can provide power.

Our Thoughts

The Must 5kVA Inverter Solar System and Battery solar setup performs extremely well and we highly recommend this system for homeowners who want to achieve energy independence and get way from ZESA. One of the key advantages of this solar system setup is its scalability, which allows homeowners to start with a smaller system and gradually add more components as their energy needs increase.

This flexibility not only makes the system more accessible to a wider range of households but also allows for cost savings in the long run. 

Given its numerous benefits, we highly recommend this solar setup to anyone looking to reduce their reliance on traditional power sources and enjoy a more sustainable and cost-effective energy solution.

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