Solar Protection Devices – SPD, MCD, DC Fuse, ACDB & DCDB At Best Price in Zimbabwe.

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In today's world of rising energy costs and frequent power cuts, setting up a solar system has become a wise investment. 

However, it's crucial to acknowledge the unique vulnerabilities that solar panels installations and inverters face, such as overvoltage surges from lightning strikes and static discharges. The main challenge lies in safeguarding these installations against direct and indirect lightning strikes, as they pose a significant risk of causing damage. It's easy to overlook the fundamental aspects of Solar Protection, which is why we want to emphasize the importance of having a Solar Protection Kit for your solar system.

Solar Protection Kit is an indispensable component for any solar system, offering a multitude of benefits. Firstly, it shields your system from voltage fluctuations, ensuring a stable and consistent flow of power. Additionally, it provides robust protection against lightning strikes, safeguarding your system from potential destruction. Moreover, the kit prevents inverters from overloading, prolonging their lifespan and ensuring optimal performance. 

In the event of a fault, the kit enables easy bypass of the inverter, facilitating swift troubleshooting and maintenance.

At Sona Solar Zimbabwe, we understand the critical role that a Solar Protection Kit plays in every installation. While some customers may attempt to cut costs by forgoing this essential component, it can prove to be a costly decision if unforeseen circumstances arise. As a responsible solar supplier, we ensure that every installation, regardless of its size, is equipped with a standard Solar Protection Kit. We prioritize the safety and longevity of your solar system, providing you with peace of mind and confidence in your investment.
Solar Protection Devices – SPD, MCD, DC Fuse, ACDB & DCDB At Best Price in Zimbabwe.
Solar Protection Devices – SPD, MCD, DC Fuse, ACDB & DCDB At Best Price in Zimbabwe.

Choose Sona Solar Zimbabwe for your solar protection needs and experience the unparalleled reliability and durability of our Solar Protection Kit

Let us empower you to harness the full potential of solar energy while safeguarding your investment against potential risks. Together, let's illuminate the path towards a sustainable and secure future.

Solar Protection Devices are small but must have devices that will protect your solar components like Solar Panel, Solar Inverter, as well as complete DC circuit from harmful conditions. 

These protection devices may be small in size but they can save you from loss of lakhs. These devices can be classified by their nature, function and way of protection.

Complete Range of Solar Protection Device:

There are many different types of solar protection devices available in the market like SPD, DC MCB, DC Fuse, ACDB, DCDB, etc. Each of them have their own specific role. Some devices will trip, some will ground the extra current, and some will blow up on their own to save your solar system. So let us dive into it and know more about these protection devices.

1. Surge Protection Device (SPD)

A Surge Protection Device (SPD) shields your electrical installation from transient overvoltage or electrical power surges by redirecting the current to the ground via earthing. Briefly, it diminishes the effect of a surge and prevents the installation from getting damaged.

An SPD protects the electrical wiring, accessories, consumer unit and other sensitive electronic gadgets. Hence, it reduces the risk of damage and instant failure to the electrical equipment.
Surge Protection Device
Surge Protection Device
In order to make sure that your solar system and Solar Panels are protected, we are providing  Surge Protection Device (SPD)  at very affordable prices. 

Why Do You Need an SPD?

Whenever the voltage increases in an electrical line wheather it is DC line or AC, it significantly resulting in damaging the wiring insulation and electrical gadgets.

Hence, the electrical installation at your premises needs to be protected against overvoltage to prevent the following consequences:
  • Interruption in services or activities.
  • Damage to electrical gadgets connected at the time of power spike.
  • Damage to cultural heritage.
  • Serious injury or loss.
  • Damage to the surrounding.
Hence an SPD is mandatory to reduce the safety risk factor.

2. Automatic Voltage Switcher (AVS)

The Adjustable Voltage Protector, Digital (AVS) primarily used to protect electrical equipment from over-voltage, under-voltage, or over-current in the distribution line of domestic household boxes.

The product can immediately switch off the power supply and safeguard electrical equipment from harm. Its characteristics include over-voltage or under-voltage, over-current condition, and over-voltage. 
Adjustable Voltage Protector, Digital (AVS)
Adjustable Voltage Protector, Digital (AVS)
The protector can automatically and properly turn on the power supply when the line voltage returns to normal.

3. DC Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB)

A DC Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB) is a solar protection device that is used in DC circuits to protect the appliances from over-current. The device optimises the flow of current and ensures complete protection against short-circuiting.

The voltage used in DC MCB is direct current states. It automatically senses the spike in ampere and trip within seconds to break the DC circuit. Talking about the physical parameters of the device, the DC MCB are equipped with green and red colour indicators.

3. AC Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB)

An AC MCB is the circuit breaking device used in AC circuits to ensure safety in case of overload or short-circuit. Its terminals are marked as LOAD and LINE and they can be extinguished easily without crossings.

AC circuits carry varying currents. Hence, it is necessary to use an AC MCB in particular with such a circuit. A DC MCB cannot work here.

4. Solar DCDB Box (Solar DC Distribution Box)

Solar DCDB is a direct current distribution box that is used for the protection of DC side components. It is a safety measure installed in a solar power plant to protect the entire DC circuit and other DC equipment from faults and other risks.

The DCDB is designed to protect the solar system from voltage/current spikes, surges and other power anomalies. It contains protective devices and surge protection equipment to provide a safe environment for the solar system.

5. Solar ACDB Box (Solar AC Distribution Box)

The ACDB is an all in one protection box that protects AC power distribution systems from faults on the system. This solar protection device typically includes SPD, AC fuse, and AC MCB. It will disconnect the power supply in case of any fault or danger, such as lightning strike.

An ACDB is also known as an alternate current distribution box or a protection device. It is installed between the solar inverter and your home load to protect them from electrical damage or high voltages. One of its main features is that it can be used for both overhead and underground distribution lines.

6. Solar AJB Box (Array Junction Box)

Solar AJB is an important solar protection device for a solar installation that plays a vital role in protecting the system from electrical damages. It serves as the junction box for the solar system in order to provide protection from lightning strikes and power surges.

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