Things To Consider Before Installing Rooftop Solar Panels in Zimbabwe

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There is an increasing number of people investing in Solar Systems and Sona Solar Zimbabwe is a Leading Solar Energy Company in Zimbabwe, providing High Quality Solar Installations.

Solar Power Technology has seen incredible advancements in recent years, many of which have helped to lower the cost of the equipment involved. 

Installing solar panels on your roof is also a wonderful way to generate electricity for your home and business, as well as the grid, with long-term cost savings.

Five Things to Consider before Installing Rooftop Solar Panels:

However, there are things that you need to consider before you start the installation process. Understanding the various essentials involved in a project like this is very important.

Here at Sona Solar Zimbabwe, we put an effort into helping our customers to understand more about solar, and have put together a list of the top 5 things you need to take into consideration before you install those rooftop solar panels.

1. Does Your Roof Need Repairs?

Before you even consider installing solar panels, ask yourself, how old is my roof? If you know that you will need a new roof soon, or that a part of your roof is damaged, it probably isn’t the best idea to install solar panels. If you can, take care of any roof repairs before the installation. 
Things To Consider Before Installing Rooftop Solar Panels in Zimbabwe
Things To Consider Before Installing Rooftop Solar Panels in Zimbabwe
That way, you won’t need to pay extra to dismantle the work and then put it up again (in some cases for at least 20 years).

2. What is The Shape of Your Roof?

Roofs come in many different shapes and sizes. Before you go ahead with any installation, make sure that your roof has enough space for the solar panels. If there isn’t enough room, you likely will not get the return you expect on your investment.

3. Which Direction Do the Slopes of Your Roof Face?

Solar panels require specific placement in order to generate the maximum amount of power.

4. How Much Weight Can Your Roof Handle?

Installing solar panels will increase the weight on the structure of your roof. If the weight of these solar panels is too much for your roof to handle, there is a potential that it will collapse. This is very dangerous for many reasons, not to mention costly. 

To avoid both situations, it is critical to have a professional evaluate your roof to determine if additional support is required to complete the installation.

5. Where Will the Water Go?

When it rains, water runs down the roof, into the gutters, and out and away from your home. When installing solar panels, equipment like racking and wire harnesses can prevent the water from flowing and draining properly. In some cases, solar equipment can move the water in a different direction, which can create leaks and other problems. 

These problems will need repair, which means the solar panels will need to be removed.

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