What Is a Top Fan on Facebook?

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There are various badges that Facebook awards to individuals, pages, and groups. When interacting with a given page, you may encounter someone’s profile having a top fan badge.

The jewel icon makes the person stand out among the people commenting on a given page.

Are you curious about what the top fan means on Facebook and how you can get one?

Quick Answer: The top fan badge is an award provided by Facebook for being very active on a given Facebook page or group. It could be that you are the most active person liking videos from the given Facebook page, or you are active in the comment section. Ideally, you can only get the top fan badge if Facebook notices you as the most active follower of a given Facebook page or group.

If you have no idea what a top fan badge is, you are in the right place. We will discuss what a top fan badge is, how to get one, how to turn it on and off, and how you can remove it. Also, we will see the benefits of having a top fan badge on your profile.

What is a Top Fan Badge on Facebook?

Facebook is well known for rolling out badges to increase users’ engagement on the platform. The top fan badge is one of the recently rolled out badges, and we will explain it.
What Is a Top Fan on Facebook?
What Is a Top Fan on Facebook?
If you follow a given Facebook page or group, you probably like its posts, videos, view its profile, and comment on the posts.

Facebook takes notice of these efforts, and when it notices that you are the most active fan of a given page or group, it rewards you with a top fan badge, helping you stand out from other followers.

Once you get awarded the badge, you can turn it on for it to display next to your Facebook name. Besides, you must click the “Display top fan badge” when Facebook awards it to you for it to start appearing on your name.

Here are some of the things to note about the top fan badge:

  1. Facebook updates the top fans weekly. Therefore, the badge may disappear if your activeness reduces or someone gets more active than you.
  2. When you get awarded the top fan badge, all interactions you have with the page will update and display the badge next to your name.
  3. All comments you make on the page will have the badge next to your name.

How To Get a Top Fan Badge on Facebook:

To get the top fan badge, you must earn it through your activeness on the given Facebook page or group.

Therefore, to stand out as the most active follower, you must watch videos from the given page, like their posts, comment, share them, and react to other people’s comments.

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