DEYE COMBO: 5kVA Deye Inverter + Pylonech Battery + Jinko or Canadian Solar Panels!

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Invest in the future of reliable power solutions with the groundbreaking 5kVA DEYE Inverter paired with the Pylonech UP5000 Lithium Battery and premium Jinko or Canadian Solar Panels. 

This cutting-edge kit is designed to provide you with more than a week of backup power for essential appliances like fridges, TVs, Wi-Fi, alarms, lights, microwave ovens, chargers, and PCs.

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The core components of this set include:

The 5kVA DEYE Hybrid Inverter is at the forefront of its class, offering not only DC to AC inversion but also MPPT and voltage management for various power inputs. 
DEYE COMBO: 5kVA Deye Inverter + Pylonech Battery + Solar Panels!
DEYE COMBO: 5kVA Deye Inverter + Pylonech Battery + Solar Panels!
This advanced technology allows seamless integration of power sources from solar, wind turbines, and the mains-grid, ensuring efficient energy storage and utilization for your appliances or grid feedback.

Key features of the 5kVA DEYE Hybrid Inverter include:

  • High efficiency above 97%.
  • Easy installation and touchscreen interface.
  • Wi-Fi monitoring capability.
  • Outdoor design for durability.
  • Compatibility with various power sources and battery types.
  • Advanced protection features for reliable operation.

With a maximum PV power of 6500W, rated DC power of 5000W, and support for lead-acid or Li-ion batteries, this system offers a versatile and reliable power solution for your home or business. The lithium-ion batteries included in this kit are equipped with a sophisticated battery management system to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

The unique advantage of lithium-ion technology lies in its ability to communicate directly with the inverter, optimizing charging and discharging processes for maximum efficiency and lifespan. With up to 7500 cycles at 50% Depth of Discharge, these batteries are built to offer long-term usage of up to 20+ years, making them a wise investment for your energy needs.

If you are considering a switch to solar power, choosing the 5kVA DEYE Inverter and Lithium Battery Kit is the smart choice for long-lasting, efficient energy storage. Don't miss out on this exceptional offer – upgrade to lithium-ion technology and secure reliable power solutions for years to come. 

Make the wise choice for your energy needs today.

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