New Lithium Battery Prices - Affordable Lithium Battery in Harare, Zimbabwe (April 2024)

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At Sona Solar Zimbabwe, we understand the importance of maximizing your solar energy potential. 

A key element in achieving this goal is having the right battery storage solution. We are excited to announce our latest battery prices, effective April 2024, offering a variety of options to perfectly complement your existing solar power system.

Sona Solar Zimbabwe, a leading solar installation company renowned for its affordability and expertise, empowers homes, schools, farms, and businesses across the country to achieve energy independence.

We specialize in designing, installing, and monitoring reliable off-grid and backup solar systems, featuring high-quality solar panels, inverters, accessories, and lithium batteries. Our passion is to shield you from rising electricity tariffs, frustrating blackouts, and power grid faults. We go beyond installation, providing exceptional after-sales services and industry-leading warranties for complete peace of mind. 
New Battery Prices at Sona Solar Zimbabwe (April 2024)
New Battery Prices at Sona Solar Zimbabwe (April 2024)
Our tailored solar solutions not only reduce your reliance on the grid but also contribute to a sustainable future. Schedule a free consultation with our solar experts and discover how Sona Solar Zimbabwe can transform your energy landscape.

Understanding Your Battery Needs

Before diving into the specifics, it's important to consider your individual needs. Here are some key factors to think about when choosing a solar battery:
  • System Voltage: Ensure the battery voltage matches your solar system's voltage. This is typically either 12.8V or 25.6V.
  • Capacity (Ah): Amp-hours (Ah) represent the battery's storage capacity. A higher Ah rating signifies the ability to store more energy for longer periods.
  • Brand and Warranty: Sona Solar offers a variety of reputable brands with competitive warranties, ensuring peace of mind.

Sona Solar Zimbabwe Battery Price List (April 2024):

12.8V Battery Options:

  • 12.8V 100Ah Polaris: This entry-level option offers a cost-effective solution for smaller solar systems with 12.8V voltage. Price: $300

25.6V Battery Options:

  • 25.6V 100Ah STL: A well-balanced choice for a mid-range solar system, offering reliable performance and good value. Price: $480
  • 25.6V 106Ah Svolt: This option boasts a slightly higher capacity compared to the STL, ideal for systems requiring extended backup power. Price: $430
  • 25.6V 100Ah Polaris: Offering similar performance as the 12.8V Polaris but designed for 25.6V systems. Price: $500
  • 25.6V 100Ah Leoch: A reputable brand known for quality and reliability, perfect for those prioritizing long-term performance. Price: $440
  • 25.6V 100Ah Must: This feature-rich battery provides excellent performance and durability, ideal for demanding applications. Price: $500
  • 25.6V 100Ah Meritsun: A cost-effective option within the 25.6V range, offering good value for everyday solar system backup needs. Price: $430

51.2V Battery Option:

  • 51.2V 100Ah Must: This high-voltage option is ideal for larger solar systems requiring extended backup power at 51.2V. Price: $900

Disclaimer: We encourage you to reach out to our Sona Solar Zimbabwe Call Centre promptly for the most current pricing information on solar inverters and a wide range of solar products to ensure accurate availability. Take advantage of our exclusive offers to secure your desired items at the best prices without any delays. Kindly note that product availability, pricing, and promotions are subject to change and may vary based on stock levels and market conditions.

Investing in a Brighter Future with Solar Battery Storage

By adding a battery to your solar power system, you unlock a multitude of benefits:
  1. Enhanced Self-Sufficiency: Store excess solar energy during the day and utilize it at night or during power outages, maximizing your solar power usage.
  2. Reduced Reliance on Grid: Decrease your dependence on the national grid, potentially lowering your electricity bills.
  3. Improved Power Stability: Enjoy consistent and reliable power supply, even during grid fluctuations or outages.
  4. Environmentally Friendly: Solar energy is a clean and renewable resource, contributing to a greener future.

Taking the Next Step: Expert Advice from Sona Solar Zimbabwe

Choosing the right battery for your solar system requires careful consideration. Our team of solar energy experts is here to guide you through the selection process

We will assess your specific needs, system voltage, and budget to recommend the most suitable battery option.

Visit our showroom or contact us today for a free consultation. Let Sona Solar Zimbabwe unlock the full potential of your solar power system with a new battery solution, empowering you to enjoy the benefits of clean, reliable, and sustainable energy!

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