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At Sona Solar Zimbabwe, we prioritize offering our clients the most reliable and efficient solar solutions available. 

That's why we proudly stock high-performance Jinko solar panels, a globally recognized leader in the photovoltaic industry.

Here's what makes Jinko solar panels a compelling choice for your solar energy needs in Zimbabwe, based on our research on their key features and the Zimbabwean market:

Solar Panels Prices in Zimbabwe:

Brand Name Solar Panel Sizes Prices
Jinko Solar Panels (JKM405M-54HL4-V) (37Volts) 405Watts $70USD
JA Solar Panels (JAM54S30 395-420-MR) (37Volts) 410Watts $70USD
Jinko Solar Panels (JKM440N-54HL4R-V) (39Volts) 440Watts $80USD
Jinko Solar Panels (JKM480M-7RL3-V) (52Volts) 480Watts $80USD

  1. Exceptional Performance: Jinko solar panels boast industry-leading efficiency ratings, converting more sunlight into usable electricity. This translates to increased power generation for your home or business, ultimately minimizing your reliance on the grid and potentially reducing your electricity bills by hundreds, even thousands of dollars over the lifespan of your system.
  2. Durability Built to Withstand Zimbabwe's Climate: Jinko solar panels are meticulously engineered to endure the harsh weather conditions prevalent in Zimbabwe. They utilize robust materials and undergo rigorous testing to ensure they can withstand the high temperatures, intense sunlight, and occasional dust storms. This ensures consistent performance and a maximized return on your investment over the extended lifespan of your solar system.
  3. Half-Cell Technology (on some models): Jinko offers solar panels incorporating pioneering half-cell technology. This innovative design minimizes power loss caused by shading or module mismatch. For instance, if a portion of your rooftop receives partial shade throughout the day, traditional solar panels would experience a significant drop in overall output. However, half-cell technology ensures each individual cell within the Jinko panel operates independently, minimizing the impact of shading and maximizing overall system efficiency – a valuable feature for Zimbabwe's sunny climate, where even minor shading can impact power generation
  4. Wide Range of Products: Jinko offers a diverse range of solar panel options to cater to your specific requirements. Whether you need high-wattage panels for a large-scale commercial project or cost-effective options for a residential system, Jinko has a solution for you. This allows us at Sona Solar Zimbabwe to design a custom solar system that perfectly fits your budget and energy needs.
  5. Proven Track Record and Global Recognition: Jinko is a world-renowned solar panel manufacturer with a proven track record of excellence for over three decades. This global recognition assures you're investing in a reliable and trusted brand with a commitment to continuous innovation and quality.

Sona Solar Zimbabwe: Your Partner for Jinko Solar Solutions

When you choose Jinko solar panels from Sona Solar Zimbabwe, you benefit from more than just high-quality products:
  1. Expert Advice and System Design: Our team of solar specialists will assess your energy needs, analyze your rooftop layout for potential shading issues, and recommend the appropriate Jinko solar panel model for your specific project and location in Zimbabwe.
  2. Seamless Installation: Our certified technicians will handle the entire installation process efficiently and safely, ensuring optimal system performance. We adhere to all relevant safety regulations and utilize high-quality mounting equipment to guarantee a secure and long-lasting solar system.
  3. Comprehensive After-Sales Support: We are here to answer your questions, address any concerns, and provide ongoing support to ensure your Jinko solar system operates smoothly for years to come. Our team will monitor your system's performance and be readily available to troubleshoot any potential issues.

Embrace a Brighter Future with Sona Solar Zimbabwe and Jinko Solar Panels

Investing in Jinko solar panels from Sona Solar Zimbabwe is an investment in a brighter future for you and Zimbabwe. Reduce your dependence on the grid, generate clean energy, and potentially achieve significant cost savings on your electricity bills. 
Shine Bright with Jinko Solar Panels in Zimbabwe: Powering Progress at Sona Solar Zimbabwe
Shine Bright with Jinko Solar Panels in Zimbabwe: Powering Progress at Sona Solar Zimbabwe
You will also be contributing to a cleaner environment and a more sustainable future for generations to come.

Solar Panel, Batteries, Inverters Costs - Price Catalogue for Solar Products in Zimbabwe (May 2024):

Solar Inverter Prices in Zimbabwe:

Brand Name Must Inverter Sizes Prices
Must Inverter (145VDC)-12Volts 1kVA $180USD
Must Inverter (145VDC)-24Volts 3kVA $200USD
Must Inverter (160VDC)-24Volts 3.2kVA $210USD
Must Inverter (145VDC)-48Volts 5kVA $400USD
Must Inverter (450VDC)-48Volts 5.2kVA (Pro) $420USD

Solar Inverter Prices: Available After A 24Hour Pre-Order

Brand Name Axpert Inverter Series Sizes Prices
OWOS Axpert Inverter (48Volts) 5.6kVA (450VDC) $450USD
Palitron/Omega (48Volts) 6kVA (450VDC) $530USD
Axpert Max (48Volts) 8kVA (450VDC) $900USD
Axpert Max II (48Volts) 8kVA (450VDC) $1000USD
Axpert Max Twin (48Volts) 11kVA (450VDC) $1100USD
Axpert Max II Twin (48Volts) 11kVA (450VDC) $1200USD

Lithium Battery Prices in Zimbabwe:

Brand Name Battery Sizes Prices
Polaris Lithium Battery (100aH) 12Volts $300USD
Meritsun Lithium Battery (100aH) 24Volts $450USD
Must Lithium Battery(100aH) 24Volts $500USD
Must Lithium Battery (100aH) 48Volts $900USD

Solar Panels Prices in Zimbabwe:

Brand Name Solar Panel Sizes Prices
Jinko Solar Panels (JKM405M-54HL4-V) (37Volts) 405Watts $70USD
JA Solar Panels (JAM54S30 395-420-MR) (37Volts) 410Watts $70USD
Jinko Solar Panels (JKM440N-54HL4R-V) (39Volts) 440Watts $80USD
Jinko Solar Panels (JKM480M-7RL3-V) (52Volts) 480Watts $80USD

Protection Kit Prices in Zimbabwe:

Brand Name Breaker Sizes Prices
DC Breaker 65Amps $10USD
Battery Breaker 125Amps $10USD
Surge Protection Device 65Amps $10USD

Solar Accessories in Zimbabwe:

Product Name Sizes Prices
DC Cables (Red and Black) 0.6mm $1.30USD/metre
Battery Cables (Pair) 24mm $20 (Pair)USD
Distribution Box 12Way $15USD
Anti-Theft Clips Small $1USD (Each)
Solar PanelRails 6 Metres $18USD (Each)
Trunking (White) 50x50 $10USD (Each)
Trunking (White) 40x40 $10USD (Each)

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