The Most Powerful Solar Inverters for Sale in Zimbabwe (Updated 2023)

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Everyone is looking for a more independent way to produce their own Power Source in Zimbabwe. 

Photovoltaic Inverters are the Perfect Solution for powering your Home in Zimbabwe.

Whether your requirements are for a single system or a fully integrated renewable energy system our high-tech solar panel products are sure to meet your needs. A solar inverter is a perfectly balanced machine that efficiently delivers clean, green electricity to homes and businesses. Our inverters gather the sun’s rays and use them to create a cleaner form of electricity suitable for modern equipment.

If you are looking for a true sine wave power inverter that produces cleaner power than the utility company, then this inverter will run practically any type of AC equipment. If you are looking for a high-quality inverter, then look no further. 

Our power inverters have all the features needed to keep your sensitive electronics working reliably and safely.

Must 3kVA (24Volts) Off-Grid Inverter:

Must 3kVA (24Volts) Off-Grid Inverter -PV1800 LHM Series is a multi-function Inverter/Charger, combining functions of inverter, MPPT solar charger and battery charger to offer uninterruptible power support with portable size. Its comprehensive LCD display offers user-configurable and easy-accessible button operation such as battery charging current, AC/solar charger priority, and acceptable input voltage based on different applications.
The Most Powerful Solar Inverters for Sale in Zimbabwe (Updated 2023)
The Most Powerful Solar Inverters for Sale in Zimbabwe (Updated 2023)
Must 3Kva (24Volts) Off-Grid Inverter is a multi-function inverter charger that combines the functions of an inverter, MPPT solar charger, and battery charger into one unit. Its comprehensive LCD display offers user-configurable settings and easy-accessible button operation. 

The product can be used with a wide range of solar panels to create an off-grid solar system or act as a backup unit during power outages.


  • Rated Power: 3KW.
  • Smart LCD setting (Working modes, Charge Current, Charge Voltage, etc).
  • Bult in MPPT 60A solar charge controller.
  • Combining solar system, AC utility, and battery power source to supply continuous power.
  • Overload, short circuit and deep discharge protection.
  • Cold start function.
  • Compatible with a generator.
  • SKU: MT3.
  • Model: PV18-3024 VPM.
  • Brand: Must.
  • Power: 3Kw (3000W).
  • Type: Pure Sinewave Inverter.
  • Battery Voltage: 24VDC.
  • Max PV (Watts): 1500W.


  • Inverter Output.
  • Default Battery System Voltage: 24VDC.
  • Rated Power: 3000VA 3000W.
  • Surge Power: 6000VA.
  • Waveform: Pure sine wave.
  • AC Voltage Regulation (Batt.Mode): 220VAC-240VAC(Setting).
  • Inverter Efficiency (Peak): 90%-93%.
  • Transfer Time: 10ms (UPS VDE4105) 20ms(APL).

AC Input.

  • Voltage: 230VAC.
  • Selectable Voltage Range: 170-280VAC(UPS) 90-280VAC(APL) 184-253VAC(VDE).
  • Frequency Range: 50Hz 60Hz (Auto-sensing).


  • Normal Voltage: 24VDC.
  • Floating Charge Voltage: 27.4VDC.
  • Overcharge Protection: 30VDC.

Solar Charger & AC Charger.

  • Maximum PV Array Open Circuit Voltage: 145VDC.
  • PV Array MPPT Voltage Range: 30-120VDC.
  • Standby Power Consumption: 2W.
  • Maximum PV Array Power: 1500W.
  • Maximum Solar Charge Current: 60A.
  • Maximum Efficiency: 98%.
  • Maximum AC Charge Current: 20A or 30A.
  • Maximum Charge Current: 80A.

Mechanical Specifications.

  • Machine Dimensions (W*H*D)(mm): 272*355*100.
  • Package Dimensions (W*H*D)(mm): 485*393*251.
  • Net Weight: 7.4kg.
  • Gross Weight: 9.5kg

Must 5kVA (48Volts) Off-Grid Inverter

The Must 5Kw 48V Off-Grid Inverter is a reliable and affordable off-grid inverter that helps turn solar panels into a clean, safe, and affordable source of energy. With the ability to handle a surge power of up to 10000 Watts, you can use this inverter to create an off-grid solar system or become less dependent on the grid and reduce your utility bill. Buy yours today!

Model: PV18-5048 VHM
Nominal Battery System Voltage: 48VDC.

Inverter Output.

Rated Power: 5000W.
Surge Power: 10000W.
Waveform: Pure Sine Wave.
AC Voltage Regulation (Batt. Mode): (220VAC~240VAC)±5%.
Inverter Efficiency (Peak): 93%.
Transfer Time: 10ms (UPS VDE4105) 20ms (APL).

Ac Input.Voltage: 230VAC.
Frequency Range: 50Hz 60Hz(Auto-sensing).

Normal Voltage: 48VDC.
Floating Charge Voltage: 54.8VDC.
Overcharge Protection: 60VDC.

Solar Charger & AC Charger.

Maximum PV Array Open Circuit Voltage: 145VDC.
PV Array MPPT Voltage Range: 60~130VDC.
Standby Power Consumption: 2W.
PV Input Power: 4000W.
Maximum Solar Charge Current: 80A.
Maximum Efficiency: 98%.
Maximum AC Charge Current: 60A.
Maximum Charge Current: 140A.

Mechanical Specifications.

Machine Dimensions (W*H*D): 297.5*468*125mm.
Package Dimensions (W*H*D): 638*395*241mm.
Net Weight (kg): 13.3.
Gross Weight (kg): 16.4.

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