What Is The Price Of A 3kW or 3kVA Solar System in Zimbabwe in 2024?

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What Is The Price Of A 3kW or 3kVA Solar System in Zimbabwe in 2024?

As Solar System prices continue to fall, the average system being installed in Zimbabwe in 2024 is currently from around 1kW to 10kW. Despite this, a 3kW Solar System can be a great system for a Small to Medium-sized home, either with limited roof space or low day-time energy consumption. 

The cost of a 3kW Solar System varies a lot depending on the brands, with the price of a good quality solar system starting from around $1,500-$5,500 fully installed. 

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3kVA Installation Package:

The average generation of 3kVA Solar System is 12-15 Units per day and can power your equipment such as Fans, Lights, Television, Refrigerator, etc from solar without using grid electricity. The 3kW Solar System is ideal to light up your Homes, Independent Floors, Villas, Offices independently using Solar Power, without depending on the main power grid. 

It consists of Monocrystalline Panels and comes with more than 97% Inverter efficiency and over 16% Module efficiency.


  1. Must 3kVA Inverter (24 Volts)
  2. Must (24 Volts /100aH) Rack Mounted Lithium-ion Batteries (1)
  3. Jinko Solar Panels - 385Watts  (4)
  4. Rails (Mounting Structure)

Complete Protection.

  1. AC Combiner Box Complete with (Breakers, Changeover / Bypass Switch, Surge Protection, Fuses & Voltage Protection).
  2. DC Combiner Box Complete with (Breakers, Fuses & Lightning Protection).
  3. DC Battery Disconnect.

Complete AC & DC Cabling.

  1. 20 Metres AC Flex Cable 3Core 4mm2.
  2. 20 Metres Solar Cable (6mm/ Red)
  3. 20 Metres Solar Cable (6mm/ Black)
  4. 10Metres Insulated (6mm2 Earthing Cable
  5. Battery Cable (25mm (Red)
  6. Battery Cable (25mm Black)

All Accessories Required + Installation.

  1. Cable Trucking.
  2. Cable Conduit.
  3. Cable lugs.
  4. MC4 Connectors.
  5. MC4 Branch Connectors.
  6. Small Consumables.
  7. Fully Installed.

  • Site Assessment and Recommendation AVAILABLE.
  • May require additional material subject to site.

Note: We never recommend to run home load more than 80% of Inverter Capacity, otherwise, your power backup will be very less. When we run 50% loads of Inverter Capacity, our backup time will be 4 hours.

The Price of a 3kW Solar System:

As a price guide, a good quality 3kW solar system in Zimbabwe will cost from around $2,500 for a simple installation, or around $85 a month over 5 years using good quality panels from China such as Jinko and JA Solar Panel Modules, and a Must Energy Inverter available at Sona Solar Zimbabwe.

Expect to pay up to around $2,500 to $5,500 for the ‘Smart Solar System.’ Of course, these prices will depend on a number of factors, which our Solar Team at Sona Solar Zimbabwe can confirm with you either over the phone or during a site inspection when required.
What Is The Price Of A 3kW or 3kVA Solar System in Zimbabwe in 2024?
What Is The Price Of A 3kW or 3kVA Solar System in Zimbabwee in 2024?
This article will look at the benefits of installing a 3kW system, the main brands you should be looking at and provide detailed information to make sure this size system is the right fit for your household.

Is A 3kW Solar System Enough?

For a few years now, we tend to only install a 3kW solar system if we are limited by roof space. For almost all households, a 3kW solar system will not be large enough to cover your home’s energy usage. The average-sized solar system we are now installing is closer to 8kW, with most households choosing to install at least a 6kW system.

We have had a few people tell us they are worried the solar industry is trying to up-sell them when they first enquire about a 3kW system. 

A good analogy would be to consider someone walking into a computer shop and asking for a computer that was a great option back in 2015. If the 2015 model was still available, but only a little bit cheaper, it isn’t in the customers’ best interest to buy the older computer.

3kW solar systems were common a few years back when solar was a lot more expensive, and when panels were a lot less efficient. Not only has the price per panel plummeted in recent years, but the efficiency of the panels has also improved significantly. The standard residential panel has increased from 250W to 415W, while the price per panel has fallen.

In fact, the price of solar per kWh generated by a solar system is actually cheaper than the feed-in tariff offered by most energy retailers. This has resulted in a huge shift in the systems people are buying to the point where a lot of our customers are literally filling their roofs with panels.

The Output of a 3kW Solar System

According to the Clean Energy Council Guidelines, A 3kW solar system in Zimbabwe will output around 12 kWh a day (averaged out across the year), outputting more on the long summer days, and less in winter. It is important to understand that this 12 kWh of solar power will be produced during daylight hours.

A solar system will peak when the sun is shining directly onto the panels, so for an array facing north, this will be for approximately 4 hours during the middle of the day.

In summer the system will continue operating until nearly 8 pm if you have the panels installed to catch the late afternoon sun.

An important point to take away from this image is that a 3kW system will almost never reach its peak output. For that to happen, it has to be the right time of the day and the right time of the year. In this example, the system is installed on a tile roof with a normal pitch of about 20 degrees.

In Zimbabwe during summer, panels that are installed flat will be working at their peak efficiency because the sun is so high in the sky. For this system installed at 20 degrees, the peak output will take place in spring and autumn. So as we can see, the peak output on this system during a sunny December day is only 2.37kWs.

But here is the beauty of buying a quality system that is installed and designed by our experts here at Solaray – total system output for the day was 19.9kWs, well above the average. In fact, over the life of this system, it is outputting around 130% of the expected figures, which is fairly typical for our installations.

Reducing Your Power Bill With A 3kW Solar System

With a good quality solar system, you can expect to significantly reduce your power bill if you are able to use around 70% or more of the solar power as it is generated.

*Savings are based on 70% or 100% of solar power being used in the home as it is generated, an average cost of electricity of $0.28 + GST, and a feed-in tariff of $0.12 per kWh. Prices assume a 3% rate of inflation. The output is based on Clean Energy Council Guidelines for an unshaded north-facing roof. All figures are indicative only and are not specific to your system or household.

The Benefit of a 3kW Solar System

A 3kW solar system in Zimbabwe facing north with no shade will output around 4,271 kWh a year according to the Clean Energy Council Guidelines. That works out to be around 11.7 kWh a day as an average. Based on our own output figures taken from thousands of systems across Zimbabwe, our opinion is that this figure is a conservative guideline.

If you are on time-of-use billing and you pay an average of around 35 cents a kWh for your power, a 3kW system will save you up to $1,281 a year off your power bills. This can be even higher if you have your panels facing west of north.

If you pay a flat rate for your power, for example, 28c a kWh + GST, a 3kW system will save you up to around $37,000 over the life of your system. If you don’t use the solar power as it is generated, the solar power will automatically go out to the grid, and you will often be paid a feed-in tariff for this power by your energy retailer. 

Typically, this FIT is around 12c a kWh and it will come off your power bill as a credit.

3kVA or 3kW Solar Panels:

For a 3kW Solar Installation in Zimbabwe, Sona Solar Zimbabwe designers are putting together 4 or 6 Solar Panel arrays, either with Jinko Solar Panels or JA Solar Panels and the 3kVA Must Hybrid Solar Inverters (Pure Sine Wave.) 

How Many Solar Panels Do I Need for 3KW or 3kVA:

3KW means 3000Watts. If you choose Polycrystalline Solar Panels (340Watt), then you will have 9 Solar Panels, if you choose Mono Perc Solar Panels (375Watt), then you will have 8 Solar Panels, and if you choose super high efficiency PV Module (430Watt), then you will have 6 Solar Panels.

3kVA or 3kW Solar Inverters:

Sona Solar Zimbabwe is the largest installer of 3kVA Must Hybrid Solar Inverters (Pure Sine Wave) Systems in Zimbabwe, and our system design team are experts at putting together a professional solar array that will maximise solar output in all conditions.

3kVA or 3kW Standard Solar Inverter:

If your roof is unobstructed by shade, is orientated north of either east or west and can fit 12 panels (1.7m by 1m), a string inverter system will be the best value option for your home. It is important to make sure the roof is clear of shade, as even if just one panel is slightly shaded, the whole array will drop down to the output of the worst performing panel.

An important point regarding a 3kW system using a string inverter is that it is not best practice to have split arrays. typically we like to see a minimum of 6 panels in each string as this creates enough voltage to run the inverter properly. If you give our team a call, we can run through the pros and cons of a split system, match you up with a good quality dual input inverter and try to convince you to buy an extra two panels (we will give you a good price, we promise), so that you have a highly efficient system that works really well in all light conditions.

The main 3kW Inverter that we use is the 3kVA Must Hybrid Solar Inverter (Pure Sine Wave.). This inverter comes with a 5-year warranty as standard, and you can extend it to 10 years if you register the inverter online with the manufacturer, which you should definitely do once the system is installed.

3kVA Must Hybrid Solar Inverters (Pure Sine Wave)

The 3kVA Must Hybrid Solar Inverter (Pure Sine Wave) is considered the best Residential string Inverter on the Zimbabwean market.

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