The Cost or Price of a 3kW or 3kVA Solar System in Zimbabwe (Updated 2024)

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What Will Be the Cost of a 3kW or 3kVA Solar System in Zimbabwe by 2024?

With the decreasing prices of Solar Systems in the Solar System, the typical installation size in Zimbabwe in 2024 ranges from 1kW to 10kW. However, even with this trend, a 3kW Solar System can still be an ideal choice for a Small to Medium-sized household, especially for those with limited roof area or lower energy consumption during the day.
The Cost or Price of a 3kW or 3kVA Solar System in Zimbabwe (Updated 2024)
The Cost or Price of a 3kW or 3kVA Solar System in Zimbabwe (Updated 2024)
The price range of a 3kW Solar System greatly varies based on the brand, with the cost of a high-quality system ranging from approximately $2,500 to $5,500, including installation.

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3kVA Installation Package:

A 3kVA Solar System typically generates 12-15 Units per day, providing power for various devices including fans, lights, television, and refrigerator, without relying on traditional grid electricity. This 3kW Solar System is perfect for lighting up Homes, Independent Floors, Villas, and Offices using solar power without the need for the main power grid.

The product includes Monocrystalline Panels and boasts an Inverter efficiency of over 97% and a Module efficiency of more than 16%.

The Cost of a 3kW Solar System:

To serve as a reference for pricing, a 3kW solar system of good quality in Zimbabwe can be purchased for approximately $2,500. This price includes a basic installation or can be paid in monthly installments of $85 for a period of 5 years using high-quality panels from China, such as Jinko and JA Solar Panel Modules. The system also includes a Must Energy Inverter, which can be obtained from Sona Solar Zimbabwe.

The 'Smart Solar System' offered by our Solar Team at Sona Solar Zimbabwe typically costs between $2,500 and $5,500. The exact price will vary depending on various factors, which can be discussed with you over the phone or during a site inspection, if needed.

In this article, we will examine the advantages of implementing a 3kW system, discuss the top recommended brands, and provide comprehensive insights to determine if this system size is suitable for your home.

Is a 3kW Solar System Adequate?

In recent years, the trend has been to only install a 3kW solar system when roof space is restricted. However, for the majority of households, a 3kW system may not be sufficient to meet their energy needs. Nowadays, the average-sized solar system being installed is closer to 8kW, and many households opt for a 6kW system at least.

Upon initial inquiry about a 3kW system, some individuals have expressed concern about the potential for the solar industry to upsell them.

A suitable comparison would be imagining an individual entering a computer store and inquiring about a computer that was highly recommended in 2015. While the 2015 version may still be in stock at a slightly reduced price, it would not be in the customer's best interest to purchase the older model.

In the past, 3kW solar systems were widely used due to the high cost of solar technology and the lower efficiency of panels. However, with the advancements in solar technology, the cost per panel has significantly decreased and the efficiency of panels has greatly improved. The average residential panel now has a capacity of 415W, a significant increase from the previous standard of 250W, while the cost per panel has decreased.

The cost of solar energy generated by a solar system is now more affordable than the feed-in tariff provided by energy retailers. As a result, there has been a significant increase in the purchase of solar systems, with many customers filling their roofs with panels.

The Results of a 3kW Solar System:

Based on the guidelines provided by the Clean Energy Council, a solar system with a capacity of 3kW in Zimbabwe has the potential to generate approximately 12 kWh of electricity per day. This output may vary throughout the year, with higher production during the longer summer days and lower production in winter. It should be noted that the 12 kWh of solar power will only be generated during daylight hours.

The maximum efficiency of a solar system occurs when the panels are directly exposed to sunlight, which is typically for around 4 hours in the middle of the day for a north-facing array.

During the summer season, the system will remain functional until around 8 pm, provided that you have the necessary panels installed to capture the sun's rays in the late afternoon.

It is crucial to note from this image that a 3kW system is highly unlikely to ever achieve its maximum output. This can only occur when it is both the appropriate time of day and the appropriate time of year. In this specific instance, the system is mounted on a tile roof with a typical pitch of approximately 20 degrees.

During the summer season in Zimbabwe, the solar panels that are placed horizontally will function at their highest efficiency due to the elevated position of the sun in the sky. However, if the panels are installed at a 20-degree angle, the optimal output will occur during the spring and fall seasons. Therefore, it can be observed that the maximum output for this system on a clear day in December is 2.37kWs.

One of the advantages of purchasing a high-quality system from Solaray, designed and installed by our team of experts, is that it offers a total system output of 19.9kWs per day, which exceeds the average. In fact, our installations have shown a consistent output of approximately 130% of the expected figures over the course of its lifespan, which is a common occurrence.

Decreasing Your Energy Bill Using A 3kW Solar System:

By investing in a high-quality solar system, you can greatly decrease your electricity expenses by utilizing approximately 70% or more of the generated solar energy.

The potential savings are calculated based on either 70% or 100% utilization of solar energy generated in the household, with an average electricity cost of $0.28 + GST and a feed-in tariff of $0.12 per kWh. These prices take into account a 3% inflation rate. The estimated output is based on the Clean Energy Council's guidelines for a north-facing roof without any shading. Please note that all numbers provided are approximate and may not apply to your specific system or household.

Advantages of a 3kW Solar Energy System:

According to the Clean Energy Council Guidelines, a solar system with a capacity of 3kW and facing north in Zimbabwe, without any obstructions, will produce an estimated 4,271 kWh per year. This translates to an average of 11.7 kWh per day. Our analysis, based on data from numerous solar systems installed in Zimbabwe, suggests that this figure is a conservative estimate.

For those who are on time-of-use billing and are currently paying an average of approximately 35 cents per kWh for their electricity, installing a 3kW solar system can result in savings of up to $1,281 per year on their power bills. These savings can be even greater if the solar panels are facing west or north.

Assuming a fixed cost of 28c per kWh plus GST for your electricity, a 3kW system could potentially save you approximately $37,000 throughout its lifespan. In cases where you do not consume all of the solar power generated, it will be automatically transmitted to the grid and you may receive a feed-in tariff from your energy provider for this surplus power.

The standard rate for this FIT is usually 12c per kWh and it will be deducted from your electricity bill as a credit.

Solar Panels with a Capacity of 3kVA or 3kW:

To implement a 3kW Solar System in Zimbabwe, the team at Sona Solar Zimbabwe is constructing 4 or 6 arrays of solar panels, using either Jinko Solar Panels or JA Solar Panels, along with the 3kVA Must Hybrid Solar Inverters (Pure Sine Wave).

What is the Required Number of Solar Panels for a 3KW or 3kVA System:

In simpler terms, 3KW is equivalent to 3000Watts. If one opts for Polycrystalline Solar Panels with a power output of 340Watt, they will require 9 Solar Panels. However, if they choose Mono Perc Solar Panels with a power output of 375Watt, they will only need 8 Solar Panels. Alternatively, selecting super high efficiency PV Module with a power output of 430Watt will require 6 Solar Panels.

Solar Inverters with a Capacity of 3kVA or 3kW:

Sona Solar Zimbabwe is known for being the biggest provider of 3kVA Must Hybrid Solar Inverters (Pure Sine Wave) in Zimbabwe. Our team of experts specializes in designing efficient solar arrays that can optimize solar production in any weather condition.

Standard Solar Inverter with 3kVA or 3kW capacity:

If your roof is free from any shade and faces either east or west, with enough space to accommodate 12 panels measuring 1.7m by 1m, a string inverter system would be the most cost-effective choice for your household. It is crucial to ensure that there is no shade on the roof, as even a slight shading on one panel can significantly decrease the overall output of the entire panel array.

It is not recommended to have split arrays in a 3kW system with a string inverter. It is generally preferred to have at least 6 panels in each string to ensure proper voltage for the inverter. If you contact our team, we can discuss the advantages and disadvantages of a split system, recommend a high-quality dual input inverter, and encourage you to purchase two additional panels at a discounted price. This will result in a highly efficient system that performs well in all lighting situations.

One of our primary 3kW Inverters of choice is the 3kVA Must Hybrid Solar Inverter (Pure Sine Wave.). This particular inverter includes a standard 5-year warranty and can be extended to 10 years if you complete the online registration process with the manufacturer. It is highly recommended to register the inverter once the system has been installed.

3kVA Hybrid Solar Inverters with Pure Sine Wave Technology:

The 3kVA Must Hybrid Solar Inverter (Pure Sine Wave) is widely recognized as the top choice for a residential string inverter in Zimbabwe.

At Sona Solar Zimbabwe, we strive to be the best.
The Cost or Price of a 3kW or 3kVA Solar System in Zimbabwe (Updated 2024)
The Cost or Price of a 3kW or 3kVA Solar System in Zimbabwe (Updated 2024)

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