Must Power Station 1000VA/1000W - HBP1800: Reliable Portable Power for Office or Home

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Looking for a dependable backup power source? Explore the Must Power Station HBP1800 at Sona Solar Zimbabwe, renowned for Jinko Solar Panels and top solar brands in Zimbabwe like Must Inverters, Growatt Inverters, and more.

Versatile beyond offices, it can power household appliances like PCs and entertainment systems. Featuring a long-lasting LiFePO4 battery with 4500+ charge cycles, this power station guarantees durability and safety. Embrace peace of mind with the Must Power Station HBP1800 - your reliable companion for uninterrupted power supply

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Designed with the Office in Mind:

The HBP1800 OS series is specifically crafted to excel in office environments. It provides a reliable and efficient power source, ensuring your workday remains uninterrupted in case of a power outage. 
Must Power Station HBP1800: Reliable Portable Power for Office or Home
Must Power Station HBP1800: Reliable Portable Power for Office or Home
Whether you need to keep your computer running, charge your laptop, or power essential office equipment, the HBP1800 has you covered.

More Than Just Office Friendly:

Don't let the "OS" designation fool you; the HBP1800's capabilities extend far beyond the office. Its versatility allows it to power a wide range of household appliances, including: PCs and Laptops, Stereos and Entertainment Systems, Desktop Computers and More!

Built to Last:

The HBP1800 boasts a long-lasting, built-in Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery. This advanced battery technology offers several advantages:
  1. High Capacity: The 1280Wh capacity ensures you have ample stored energy to run your devices for extended periods.
  2. Durability: Enjoy an impressive 4500+ charge cycles, meaning your battery will maintain its efficiency for years to come.
  3. Safety: LiFePO4 batteries are known for their stability and safety, providing peace of mind during use.

Key Features of the Must Power Station HBP1800:

  1. Rated Power: 1000VA/1000W
  2. Normal Capacity: 100Ah
  3. Normal Voltage: 12VDC
  4. MPPT Voltage Range: 15-105VDC
  5. Battery: LiFePO4 Battery Pack (4500+ Charge Cycles)


  1. DC LED Lamp (12V/3W): 90 to 95 Hours
  2. Smart Phone (5-7Wh): Charge 40 to 55 times.
  3. Tablet (25-42Wh): Charge 6 to 10 times.
  4. Laptop (65W): 12 Hours
  5. WiFi Router (10W): 42 Hours
  6. 22-inch LCD Monitor (30W): 8 Hours
  7. Desktop Computer (120W): 4 Hours.
  8. PS4 + 32-inch Monitor (150W): 3 Hours.
  9. Energy-Saving Lamp (20W): 15 Hours.
  10. Fluorescent lamp (60W): 4 Hours.
  11. LCD TV (32-inch/50W): 5 Hours.
  12. Electric Fan (50W): 4 Hours.

Invest in Peace of Mind:

The Must Power Station HBP1800 is the perfect solution for anyone who needs a reliable and portable power source. Whether you're ensuring business continuity in your office or safeguarding your home against power outages, the HBP1800 provides the backup power you need. 
Introducing Must Power Bank Station Solar Generator (1kVA/ 1000-Watts)
 Introducing Must Power Bank Station Solar Generator (1kVA/ 1000-Watts)

Introducing Must Power Bank Station Solar Generator (1kVA/ 1000-Watts)
 Introducing Must Power Bank Station Solar Generator (1kVA/ 1000-Watts)

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