Must Inverters - The Cheapest Inverter Brand in Zimbabwe (Review 2024)

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Sona Solar Zimbabwe has positioned itself as the go-to partner for solar system maintenance and repairs in Zimbabwe, renowned for its exceptional expertise in solar inverter repairs and its comprehensive provision of support and solutions for various solar power system needs. 

Serving as the primary distributor of Must Power Group inverters in Zimbabwe, alongside other renowned solar brands like SMA, Fronius, Jinko Solar, JA Solar, and Canadian Solar, Sona Solar Zimbabwe leads the market in delivering top-quality products. Must inverters are among the popular choices for solar energy systems in Zimbabwe, and Sona Solar Zimbabwe plays a pivotal role as a significant distributor of this solar brand in the region.

In this detailed review, we delve into the manufacturer of Must inverters, their pricing, and the key features they offer to help you determine their value for your investment. As a major wholesaler of solar components in Zimbabwe, Sona Solar Zimbabwe offers substantial savings on premium products, leveraging their extensive expertise and support to deliver cost-effective solutions, including a range of Jinko Solar Panels. 

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Must Inverters -  The Cheapest Inverter Brand in Zimbabwe (Review 2023)
Must Inverters -  The Cheapest Inverter Brand in Zimbabwe (Review 2023)
Sona Solar Zimbabwe have been working with homeowners for the last 10 years to improve the value of their homes and help them save money on energy bills.

Quick Review:

Summary: Price: $300+
Availability: High
Ease of Use: Medium
Country of Origin: China
Key features: Compatible with gel, lithium, and lead-acid batteries.

Why Do I Need a Solar Inverter and Working With Must Inverters?

An inverter is a critical part of any Solar Energy system. 

When the solar panels do their magic to convert all that lovely daylight into electricity, they produce DC power which then needs to be converted to AC for use in your home via an inverter.

Who Makes Must Inverters?

Shenzhen MUST ENERGY Power Co., Ltd has its headquarters in Hong Kong. Established in 1998, the company produces energy solutions including inverters, charge controllers, and solar batteries.
An SAA, CE, SONCAP, and ISO 9001-certified company, Must Energy is an authorized supplier for the Chinese government.

Are Must Inverters Any Good?

Must Energy produces hybrid, grid-tie, and off-grid inverters for residential and small commercial installations. While all inverters perform the same function, converting DC to AC energy, it’s important to note how grid-tie, off-grid, and hybrid inverters work the differences between them.

We cover the differences and other essential basics you need to know in our guide to solar inverters.

Must Inverter Alternatives:

Sona Solar Zimbabwe only supplies the best quality and cost-effective equipment and solar panels. We refuse to work with cheap brands.

Not only does cheap materials mean less energy-savings, but it also means that we both (customer and business) have to spend money fixing or replacing panels in the future. It makes sense for everyone and the planet, not to cut corners and do things properly, from start to finish.

We have held this ethos throughout our history as a Zimbabwe solar panel installation business. We have listed for you a number of alternative inverter brands to choose from.

The Most Common Inverters in Zimbabwe Are:

  1. Mecer Inverters.
  2. Phocos Inverters.
  3. Growatt Inverters.
  4. Deye Inverters.
  5. SUMRY Inverters.
  6. SAKO Inverters.
  7. Schneider Inverters.
  8. Synapse Inverters.
  9. Victron Inverters.
  10. Sunsynk Inverters.

Final Thoughts:

The biggest advantage of a Must inverter is its affordability. Compared to most alternatives available locally, Must is one of the cheapest inverter brands.
Must Inverters -  The Cheapest Inverter Brand in Zimbabwe (Review 2023)
Must Inverters -  The Cheapest Inverter Brand in Zimbabwe (Review 2023)
The biggest disadvantage is they are not as recognized a brand as say a Victron or Mecer inverter. They are still relatively new to the market and there isn’t as much hard data on performance, serviceability and lifespan. With that said, if you are looking for a cheaper option that will get the job done, then this is the inverter for you.

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