Deye vs SunSynk Hybrid Inverter Comparison (Deye is the Perfect Premium Inverter Option in 2024)

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When it comes to premium solar power inverters, the Deye Inverter and SunSynk Inverters are two of the most popular brands in Zimbabwe. 

Both of these inverters have received rave reviews from consumers and installers alike. While they may look similar and have similar specifications, there are some key differences between the two in terms of functionality, user interface, and available apps.

Deye vs SunSynk Hybrid Inverter Comparison (Deye is the Perfect Premium Inverter Option in 2024)

In the world of solar inverters, the debate between Deye and Sunsynk can leave Zimbabwean customers confused. Though both are manufactured by Deye, Sunsynk boasts a mobile app for installer access, while Deye uses a laptop/desktop interface. Despite these software variations, both offer WiFi dongle control and are fully supported, serviced, and repaired locally by Sona Solar Zimbabwe. For expert advice on choosing between these two excellent options, contact Sona Solar Zimbabwe's technical division.

Inverter Comparison - Manufacturers:

One important factor to consider when comparing these inverters is their manufacturers. Ningbo Deye Inverter Technology Co., Ltd. (Deye) actually manufactures the SunSynk Inverters, which explains the similarity in appearance and parameters. 

In fact, you may have come across the black Fusion Hybrid Inverters, which are essentially rebranded Deye inverters. While there may be slight differences in parameters, the main discrepancies lie in the user interface and software.
Deye vs SunSynk Hybrid Inverter Comparison (Deye is the Perfect Premium Inverter Option in 2024)
 Deye vs SunSynk Hybrid Inverter Comparison (Deye is the Perfect Premium Inverter Option in 2024)
To compare the parameters of the Deye and SunSynk pure sine wave inverters, it is necessary to examine their datasheets. However, the real difference between these brands lies within their user interfaces. Despite their different appearances, users can still access the same settings on both inverters.

 Deye and SunSynk Inverter - Home Screen: 

Let's take a closer look at their home screens to illustrate the differences in user interface. The Deye Inverter's home screen is straightforward and easy to understand. It displays information such as load, solar power production and usage, battery charge and discharge, and grid consumption. The settings menu can be accessed via the cog icon on the top right of the screen, and the date and time are also displayed. When the system is functioning properly, the center of the screen will show "ON", but if there is a fault, an error code will be displayed instead.

On the other hand, the SunSynk Inverter's home screen is slightly more complex. It presents solar power production and usage, battery charge and discharge, and grid consumption in a graph format. The basic menu items can be accessed by tapping the cog button on the top right. The screen also displays the user's name, date, time, and the inverter's serial number. If any faults occur, the fault code will be displayed on the screen.

Both Deye and SunSynk offer top-notch inverters with built-in Battery Management Systems (BMS) that act as battery chargers and control the charge and discharge rates of lithium-ion solar batteries. They also include a solar charge controller and provide anti-islanding protection, which is crucial for grid-tied systems. Additionally, both inverters allow for connection to alternative power sources like wind turbines or generators for backup power. They boast a maximum efficiency of 97.6%.

However, if the user interface and software are deal breakers for you, then the SunSynk Inverter may be the better option. On the other hand, if cost is a major factor, Deye provides an affordable choice. The cost of Deye's products, along with the device needed for SolarAssistant, is nearly the same as that of SunSynk's products. This means that the larger the size of the inverter, the more money you can save with Deye. Additionally, the Solar Man app offered by Deye includes remote battery settings, making it even more budget-friendly.

If you are still unsure about whether to choose Deye or SunSynk, we at Sona Solar Zimbabwe hope that this inverter comparison guide has provided some clarity on which brand better suits your needs.

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