How to Size a Solar System – Solar System Design with Sona Solar Zimbabwe

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When it comes to selecting a solar system for your home in Zimbabwe, making the right choice between a 3kVA and a 5kVA system is crucial.

Solar Solar Zimbabwe offers a 3kVA system at an average cost of $2000 USD, while a 5kVA system is priced at around $3000 USD. This decision can have long-term benefits for both you and the environment. Understanding the differences and capabilities of these systems is fundamental to making an informed decision that suits your specific energy needs.

In Zimbabwe, the average generation of a 3kVA Solar System ranges from 12-15 units per day, making it suitable for powering essential household equipment such as fans, lights, television, and refrigerators without relying on grid electricity. 

On the other hand, a 5kVA solar system generates approximately 20-25 units of energy per day, depending on various factors. Considering that the average Zimbabwean household with basic home gadgets uses less than 10 units of power daily, both the 3kVA and 5kVA systems are well-suited for residential use in the country. 
How to Size a Solar System – Solar System Design with Sona Solar Zimbabwe
How to Size a Solar System – Solar System Design with Sona Solar Zimbabwe
It's important to work with a professional solar installer to ensure that the chosen system is designed and installed to meet your specific energy requirements effectively. By doing so, you can maximize the benefits of solar power for your home in Zimbabwe.

How to Size a Solar System – Solar System Design with Sona Solar Zimbabwe

Figuring out the proper size of a solar system in terms of the number of solar panels needed, size of the batteries, and the inverter, is one of the most asked questions we receive at Sona Solar Zimbabwe. Getting started with solar system sizing involves understanding your energy needs and using them as the foundation for your project design. 

Here's a comprehensive guide to help you size a grid-tied solar system for your home or business.

1. Estimating Your Energy Usage:

To begin sizing a solar system, it’s essential to accurately estimate your energy usage. Follow these steps to determine your average electricity consumption and PV needs:

  • Calculate Your kWh Usage: Gather the kilowatt-hours (kWh) usage from your electric bill for the past 12 months to understand the seasonal variations in energy consumption.
  • Figure Your Daily kWh Usage: Divide your monthly electrical usage in kWh by 30 to determine your daily kWh usage.
  • Determine Your Average Monthly kWh Usage: Add up your kWh usage for 12 months and divide by 12 to find your average monthly consumption. Keep in mind that your grid-tied system will likely overproduce in the summer with peak sun exposure.

2. Look Up Your Peak Sun Hours:

Average peak sun hours vary based on location and local climate. Assess how many peak hours of sunlight you receive to maximize solar power output.

3. Calculate the Size of Your Solar System:

To determine the size of your solar system, divide your daily kWh energy requirement by your peak sun hours to calculate the kW output. Then, divide the kW output by your panel’s efficiency to estimate the number of solar panels needed for your system.

4. Determine the Estimated Solar System Design:

For an accurate solar system sizing estimate, consider the type of roof mount required, the orientation of the panels, and the appropriate panel size. 
How to Size a Solar System – Solar System Design with Sona Solar Zimbabwe
How to Size a Solar System – Solar System Design with Sona Solar Zimbabwe
At Sona Solar Zimbabwe, we offer affordable and durable solar system design and installation services carried out by professional certified electricians.

5. Select Your Mount Type:

Choosing the right mount type is crucial for solar system sizing:

  • Roof Mount: A cost-effective option suitable for north-facing locations in the Southern Hemisphere like Zimbabwe. If a roof mount is not feasible, consider ground or pole-mounted solutions to maximize sun exposure.

6. Choose the Right Solar Panels:

Factor in your roof size and orientation when selecting solar panels:

  • Large Usable Roof Area: Consider using larger panels to achieve your desired energy output.
  • Limited or Partially Shaded Area: Opt for fewer high-efficiency panels as a cost-effective, long-term solution, and plan for future expansion if needed.

Sona Solar Zimbabwe is committed to providing expert solar energy solutions for every need. Visit our website to explore our completed solar installation projects and discover how we can assist in sizing and implementing the ideal solar system for your home or business.

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